walk|ing «W kihng», adjective, noun.
1. of or having to do with a walk; going on foot: »

a walking race or contest, a walking marathon.

2. used mainly for walking: »

walking shoes.

3. that is pulled by a horse, mule, or other beast of burden, or a team, and has no seat for the driver, who walks behind: »

a walking plow.

4. that oscillates back and forth or up and down at its ends: »

a walking beam.

5. that moves or is able to be moved with a motion resembling walking: »

a walking crane.

6. in human form; living: »

a walking dictionary, a walking library of contemporary fiction.

1. a) the act of going on foot; taking a walk. b) the manner or style in which a person walks.
2. the condition of a path or road for walking on: »

easy walking, icy walking.

3. the sport of walking competitively for speed or against time, especially by the heel-and-toe method.

Useful english dictionary. 2012.

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